Serendipity 2753 Slim Tee Longsleeve Shirt Woodrose
Serendipity 2753 Slim Tee Longsleeve Shirt Woodrose

Serendipity 2753 Slim Tee Longsleeve Shirt Woodrose

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Designed in Denmark

Made in India

Material: 100% organic cotton

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Lovely longsleeve shirt for boys and girls in that amazing colour made of 100% organic cotton. This garment is designed in Denmark and made in India, it is also certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The high quality of natural fibers and materials is the most important part of the philosophy of Serendipity Organics. All colours are carefully coordinated and chosen for each season and every print is hand drawn. The pieces are timeless and wonderfully soft to wear.

You can wash this garment in your washing machine.

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Sizechart for children 0-7 years
to order for babies and children is quite simple, it’s a case body length is equal (=) order size! Measure so your baby or child from head to toe and read on the table, the order size.

AgeBody length (cm)Size
1 monthup to 5050
1-2 months51 – 5656
2-3 months57 – 6262
ca. 6 months63 – 6868
ca. 9 months69 – 7474
ca. 12 months75 – 8080
ca. 18 months81 – 8686
2 years87 – 9292
3 years93 – 9898
4 years99 – 104104
5 years105 – 110110
6 years111 – 116116
7 years117 – 122122
Head circumference measure, simply place the tape over baby’s ears around the head. The measured centimeters correspond to the dress size, which is next to the head circumference in the table on the same line.

AgeHead circum.Hat sizes
First Month35-37cm37
1-2 Months37-39cm39
2-3 Months39-41cm41
4-5 Months41-43cm43
6-7 Months43-45cm45
8-12 Months45-47cm47
up to 2 Years47-49cm49
up to 3 years50-52cm51
up to 4 years50-5251
up to 5 years50-53cm53
up to 6 years50-53cm53
up to 7 years52-56cm55