Merino Hazelnut Turban
Merino Hazelnut Turban

Merino Hazelnut Turban

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Turban made of high-quality ZQ merino wool from New Zealand.

Composition: 100% merino wool

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Looks by Luks creates all its products in Poland, designing for conscious consumers who care about unique products, made in the spirit of sustainable fashion. We pay attention to the way our fabrics are produced, to make sure it does not harm the environment. Every product is hand-made on customer’s demand in our small workshop in Sopot, so we only produce as much as needed – nothing gets wasted.

The wool has the Bluesign System certificate, which means that it is sourced ethically, and its production ensures standards of social responsibility and employee safety.

Because of their wool merino can easily adapt and survive in changing weather conditions. In summer, the wool allows sheep’s skin to breathe and protects the animals from overheating, while in winter it keeps them warm and perfectly protected from rain, snow or extremely low temperatures. The wool itself is hipoallergenic and, at the same time, incredibly soft and light. Headwear made of this fabric will ensure comfort at any time of the year.

Play with the frill in front and shape it as you please. In case you need to change depth of your turban untie the bow in the back and tie it again, lighter or harder.

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